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This page provides detailed information on the features of the ShieldUI jQuery HTML5 calendar plugin, as well as fully functional examples of some of them.
For a complete list of features and components, visit the following DEMO section.

First Look

The ShieldUI Calendar jQuery plugin is easy to use and integrate into any page or existing application. Thanks to its flexible architecture and customizable appearance, it can fit in any style or template. This provides web developers with easy calendar navigation for their projects.

Custom Look

The Calendar widget can be customized fully. Each element from the control can be customized easily via CSS in order to allow seamless integration with a site design. The widget has a predefined set of 16 Themes, but nevertheless allows a very low level of customization, required in custom scenarios.


In addition to all the visual modifications, which can be applied to the Calendar widget, one can easily change its culture to display localized data, along with the proper format. Thanks to localize.js this can also be handled dynamically. This is demonstrated in the example in the link below.


Applications usually require a multitude of components tightly integrated together. The ShieldUI Calendar widget is part of a rich Suite with over 40+ UI types, which have similar architectute and API. Thus, coupling the API of two components, or nesting the calendar in a grid is achieved easily. The sample linked below shows just that.

Additional Features

The control supports far more features that the ones listed here. Some of these are:
Themes Custom events Formatting Custom Styling Rich API Localization Animations
For a complete list of features and components, visit the following DEMO section.